How to get instagram account verified : Having your Instagram account verified was practically impossible before August 2018.

Only the elite had thanks in the eyes of Instagram: celebrities, public figures and major brands.

Some exceptions escaped the rule but it was necessary to have an address book timely provided to be co-opted or to be particularly noticed thanks to an exceptional account. Otherwise, there is no question of only having access to the official request form!

Things have changed recently and the grail is now within everyone’s reach… or almost. Because if everyone can apply for the coveted blue badge, not everyone gets it.

What is the point of having your Instagram account verified?

Before you get started, do you know why you should get your Instagram account verified?

Verified Instagram accounts come with a blue sun-shaped badge with a white mark inside. With this badge, Instagram confirms that your account is authentic, that it is not a robot or a fake account on which the visitor risks being defrauded. This is the best way to gain the trust of your audience.

On the other hand, as verifications are hard to obtain, the badge is a guarantee of quality which will earn you respectability on the application. ✅

What is the procedure for verifying your Instagram account?

The procedure is simple and requires only a few clicks.

1. Access your Instagram account settings;

2. By scrolling your screen, you will find at the bottom the command “Request a verification”;

3. The application asks you to enter your username, then your full name, to add a photo ID if you are an individual, or a document proving the existence of your business if you have a professional account;

4. Finalize the operation by pressing “Send”.

Your request is thus in progress. You just have to wait wisely for the verdict to find out if it is accepted or refused. Instagram does not commit to any delay, so the process can be long. 😓

What are the conditions for your Instagram account to be approved?

In order to keep the blue badge of its full value, it is only granted sparingly. Instagram takes its time and sorts out the approved accounts.

In order to put the odds in your favor, here are some good tips and advice. In addition, of course, to strictly follow all of Instagram’s terms of use and community rules.

How to get instagram account verified.

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Your account must meet the following requirements:

It must be authentic, which implies that you declare your real identity, and not a pseudo, or that you justify the veracity of the existence of your company;

You are only entitled to one account per person or per company. With the exception of accounts translated into several languages, Instagram does not verify multi-accounts;

Access to your account must necessarily be public and accessible to everyone;

Be as complete as possible in filling out your profile with your bio, at least a photo and a publication. Be careful not to indicate links to other social networks as this strongly displeases Instagram!

Your e-popularity will weigh a lot in the balance. Instagram only wants to grant the verified account badge to celebrities, people who are recognized or who are known to be popular. The application is not based on paid or promotional content but on your own notoriety.

Do you need help, contact via WhatsApp

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